Bath time, Enjoying the little moments

Living in the moment is being present and aware of the moment we are in. Lifestyle photography sessions capture the present moment and allow it to live forever.

MJ and Nolan love bath time in their parents bath tub, which was the perfect spot for our session. They got to spend the afternoon in the tub with bubbles, colors and toys while their mom and I blew bubbles, sang, and enviably got soaked. We took it all in, the giggles, imaginations, hugs and wet kisses, everything that makes those moments spent with your children special.

Bath time sessions can be held in your home, grandmas or a friends home. (bonus if you have a farm house kitchen sink for the session!) No one can resist children giggles and splashes. These lifestyle sessions have become one of my favorites for the pure joy and reality being captured of your everyday life.

I love to hear about your families lives and if you have any ideas or adventures you would like captured please write me!! I get just as excited, if not more, about new ideas.

Lifestyle bath tub session at home with brothers MJ and Nolan.

Houston lifestyle photographer Paige Baker Photo

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